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I was diagnosed with Peyronie's disease and was only given a couple of options by my doctor at that time. Treatment options ranged from not doing anything and waiting to see if it got better, to surgery. After taking some pills and waiting for a change I talked to a friend of mine who is a Urologist and he put me in touch with a colleague of his (Dr. Twidwell) that was using a product called H100 to treat Peyronie's . I contacted Dr. Twidwell to get a second opinion on my condition and find out more about H100.  Dr. Twidwell explained that the best time to treat Peyronie's with H100 is in the acute stage of the disease which is in the first 18 months.  I was just past that stage. I decided to do the treatment anyway.  What did I have to lose? After the first three months, my wife and I noticed a decrease in the curvature.  Since I started treatment after the acute phase and had seen a difference, I decided to continue with H100 for a second three month treatment plan. I'm so  glad that I decided to get a second opinion and see Dr. Twidwell.

Sean | Oct 2019

My experience has been positive. With the 3 month prescription and usage, I estimate that the curvature was reduced by approximately 50% with more than 50% reduction in discomfort/pain with no side effects. Thank you Dr. Twidwell! I hope others are experiencing at least as good or better results than I am!

John A. | Dec 2018